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Our unique firm is designed for start-ups or existing businesses that want to develop revenue from the web.  If your website has been penalized and you have not been able to regain your rankings, it may be much more efficient and cost effective to start fresh with a new website and domain.  If you need a new website, a 7 page professional website can be included with your order at low cost.  You will need to provide your logo and up to 20 photos that tell a story about your business, office, products, or services.  

Branding Boom

Make sure that no competitors, haters, or crazed fans can claim your social media identity before you do! We go to over 250 social sites and register your business so that your brand and domain are protected and have a foundation of being reciprocally relevent. Then we deliver a detailed report with social channel urls and login credentials.

Local Flood

If you are a fly-by-nite, this product is probably not for you, however if you have a brick and mortar business space and need real local exposure, the Local Flood includes manual submissions of your business name, address, phone, website address and other details to over 85 local directory engines to ensure that when GPS enabled mobile searches are made, your customers will be able to find their phone's google map.

Full Tsunami

The Full Tsunami includes Branding Boom, Local Flood, and a Proprietary Viral marketing module delivered over the course of 10 months, ending with a before/after keyword ranking report.